Smart Oculus — is a company that develops intelligent technology solutions that will be active in the market of machine vision and AI.


We believe that our technology will have the potential to transform the future of HoReCa, Retail, Industry, Beauty & Healthcare sector.

We also adapt our technology for mobile devices

(video on the right — object recognition and calories calculation


We are experienced, bold and intelligent enough to develop systems and solutions for various industries in the economy, eliminating the human factor, using computer vision and AI.


We are developing technology that is smart and knows how to make weight estimation of various objects, complex geometric shapes. Moreover, it recognizes those objects and analyzes them as well.


We believe it will be the basis of our upcoming discoveries.


We are constantly searching and developing smart solutions in our field in order to automate some processes in HoReCa, Retail, Industry sectors. 

At Smart Oculus, we believe that your business deserves the opportunity to use our technology and knowledge to spare your money, time and improve your service.


"Working together to help our companies succeed" — is one of our collaboration principles!

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